CEO2CEO Coaching Program

"Chief Everything Officer to Chief Executive Officer"

CEO2CEO, "Chief Everything Officer to Chief Executive Officer," is a coaching program designed to educate Business Owners and Leaders on how to make more money and have more free time, reducing the worry you have about your business. The program provides you, the CEO/Owner, with in-depth knowledge of what generates profits and increases your business's net worth. This makes your company more valuable for a future exit.

CEO2CEO concentrates on three core areas:

    You will learn how to positively influence the financial performance of your company and how to use financial data to direct your daily activities.

    You will gain an understanding of your company’s bankability. This is often the key to a company’s profitable growth.

    After the numbers are performing the way you want them to, you will learn the non-financial attributes which can accelerate your growth and net worth. If you are like 97% of all entrepreneurs and are depending on your company to fund your retirement, this will be one of the best investments you can make for you and your family

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