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$17.97 + FREE Shipping

"I wish I would have read this 20 years ago when I started my business."

Sandy Waggett
Internet Marketing Agency Owner
January 2020

"This is a great resource for anyone considering buying or selling a business. Written in a practical, easy to understand fashion, this book should be required reading before selling or buying a business."

Amazon Purchaser
July 2019

"Terry captured some invaluable lessons in this book that I unfortunately also had to learn the hard way. If you have a company that you think you might sell “someday”, read this today!"

Q. - on Amazon
June 2019

"Terry provides a great fast-read for any business owner who will EVER think of selling their business (read, ALL business owners!). He provides many great examples of why thinking ahead by 3-5 years and planning for a sale will mean many extra $$$ in your pocket!"

Mike Seigle on Amazon
May 2019

"My dad and I sold a business in 2014 and I wish a book like Terry's had been out there. There is so much stuff that you don't realize you need to know until after the fact... level up your skills so you can optimize your exit!"

Megan T. on Amazon

May 2019

"Mr Lammers ... gives great insight on how to put a business in a position to sell and helps someone who is looking to buy a business understand what to look at. As an SBA lender I hope business owners who are looking to sell in the near future pay attention to what he has to say."

Thank God for Great Authors on Amazon
June 2019

"This is an easy read full of no nonsense practical advice that is good for any business owner regardless of their interest in selling their business. Running your company as if you are going to sell it even if you do not plan to is the best strategy."

Gregory Yank on Amazon
November 2017

"Terry is a great example of a business owner that has been there, done that! I highly recommend this book to any business owner or anyone that hopes to purchase a business in the future."

Larry Deiters on Amazon
May 2019

"Buying or selling a business is different from routinely operating a business. The most confident business operator can struggle with the challenges of buying or selling a business. Terry takes the reader through the steps needed to comfortably move into and through the process of buying or selling a business."

Joe Schumaker on Amazon
June 2019

"The book title says it all. And I wish I’d read this book earlier in my business career. Direct, to the point, practical advice for entrepreneurs."

Tina Sprinkle on Amazon
June 2019

"Every business owner in any industry should read this book. It’s forward thinking and often the items discussed are put off by business owners till it’s to late!"

Chris on Amazon
May 2019

"This book breaks down what can be a very complicated and emotional event into data that can be used to enter into a transaction from a logical viewpoint."

James Johnson on Amazon
May 2019

"A great book for any business owner who is at all concerned about successfully exiting their business. Terry explains all of the steps needed to sell a business, including all of the personal issues, and decisions that need to be made."

Bruce Ward on Amazon
October 2017

"I was involved in several acquisitions and divestitures for a major corporation and had I known some of the tips and advice that this book provides it would have added much to my analysis."

Bill Kral on Amazon
May 2019

"This book took the basics of business evaluation and made it easy to understand. This book was good for understanding the value of your business and enhancing the value of your business."

Charles Knapp on Amazon
June 2019

"This is a great book, and is true to the title - "You don't know what you don't know". I'd share this book with ANYONE interested in business, thinking about M&As, or just wanting to learn more."

Evangeline Sutton on Amazon
May 2019

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